Because the issue of invasive plants is so new for Alaska, there are many questions that we need to find answers to about how invasive plant species will act here. Every new bit of information we gather on invasive plants in Alaskan ecosystems can help us better understand how invasive plants are being introduced, where they might spread, and what impact they might have on Alaska's unique habitats. The data students gather is important to invasive plant scientists in Alaska. Share your data with scientists and with other classes throughout Alaska on this Wiki.

How to share your data:
1. Sign in to this Wiki using the following name and password.

Name: WeedWacker
Password: hawkweed

2. Add a page for your class. Your page must include the following information:
- Question
- Project Description (Include a description of what inspired you to do the experiment, the project
location, the type of invasive or native plants you investigated)
- Hypothesis (What did you think was going to happen?)
- Methods (How did you set up your experiment? You must include the number of replications you had in
your experiment. For example, if your class has 24 students and each student germinates 10 native and 10
non-native seeds in petri-dishes, the number of replicates is 24.)
- Results (Show your data. Feel free to show a photo, table or graph to help visualize your class results.)
- Conclusions (What happened? Was your hypothesis correct? Why do you think you got the results you did?)